Nationwide Shipping

Located in Kentucky, situated for efficient nationwide shipping with regular routes into Florida.

Intensively Managed

Properly fertilized and sprayed to ensure healthy forage crops for high-quality and nutritious hay.

Forage Superbowl Recognized

Recognized as top-quality alfalfa hay in the Forage Superbowl at the 2019 World Dairy Expo.

Forage Quality That's Sky High!

Relative Feed Quality (RFQ)
0 %
Crude Protein

Although Elwoh Solutions Ag LLC does sample and test every harvest, these forage quality results and bale weights are given as averages from past results from Dairyland Laboratories and Analab.  The exact quality cannot be guaranteed for the exact harvest and is subject to forage terms and conditions.  We will, however, happily send samples for forage quality analysis for the exact batch you are buying if requested.

Conveniently Located in Kentucky

When logistics is of concern, we’ve got you covered!  Our farm is located in far western Kentucky and is optimally located for efficient shipping lanes into Tennessee, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, as well as in the upper east coast.  We have regular shipments going to our distribution hubs in Florida to ensure a constant supply of our quality Kentucky grown alfalfa and forages.

Local Pickup or Delivery

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