Find out more about what the Kentucky Alfalfa platform is and who powers it.

About Kentucky Alfalfa

The objective of the Kentucky Alfalfa platform is to cater to farmers and producers in Kentucky by providing a base for knowledge sharing, optimized agronomist interactions & collaborations, performance metrics & tracking, and most importantly resources and a marketplace to further the commercialization of alfalfa & forages including value-added products. Providing an intuitive interface with a unique toolset for farmers, brokers, agronomists, and direct buyers to deliver an all-encompassing system that holds the potential to streamline various aspects of operations.

University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

The University of Kentucky Cooperative Extension provides agronomy resources, staffing, content, and various critical platform related contributions and collaborations in partnership with Elwoh Solutions to ensure an accurate and beneficial offering of resources to Kentucky producers.

Elwoh Solutions

Providing product design, technology, and engineering efforts & resources to deploy and maintain the Kentucky Alfalfa platform for all Kentucky based producers, while also being an alfalfa producer in Ballard County.