Trending Agronomy Topics Spring 2019

Disease Management

Identify and treat various diseases that may affect alfalfa to prevent yield loss.

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Winterkill Evaluation

Evaluate stand yield potential and winter survival to maintain high yields.

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Spring Seeding

Ensure best practices to successfully establish a spring seeded stand of alfalfa..

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Pest Management

Identify common pests in alfalfa and determine proper protocols for treatment.

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Recent Community Questions

Disease Management

2 days ago in BALLARD county

I have a stand that is showing signs of disease, can anyone help identify the cause and what the treatment should be?

Winterkill Evaluation

3 days ago in HOPKINS county

The field doesn't seem to be looking great... not sure if it will survive to actually grow in the spring...

Fertilization & Nutrients

4 days ago in McCRACKEN county

Is it too late to get a truck in here and add lime to adjust my pH? What should my target values be?