What is this green wedge shaped insect?

Pest Management question asked by Travis in Ballard County one year ago.


After collecting leaves for tissue sampling I heard some noise in the sample bag.  Inside there were a few of these small wedge-shaped insects, green in color -- they are decently hard and can jump.

They don't look like the pictures of a potato leafhopper -- are they some sort of another non-invasive planthopper type?

Pest Management in Ballard County
posted one year ago
Travis H.
Ballard County

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This is the three cornered alfalfa hopper and it damages alfalfa by feeding from the sap in the lower stem  by its piercing sucking mouthparts. This 360 degree girdling of the stem blocks the phloem flow downward leading to a multitude of symptoms in the upper plant such as yellowing and purpling and stunting. the symptoms are often confused with potato leafhopper damage, boron deficiency, phosphorous deficiency etc. The stem will be swollen above the girdled zone, which will be brown in color.

answered 6 months ago
Jimmy Henning
Fayette County
Official Public Agronomist (Extension Agent)

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