Bleached Leaf Tips on New Stand -- Disease?

Agronomy question asked by Travis in Ballard County 6 months ago.


This plant was seeded in the fall of 2019.  The field has been sprayed about a week and a half ago with a tank mix of RoundUp PowerMAX, an azoxystrobin-based fungicide, and WeatherGard Complete adjuvant.

Nominal weevil and pest activity have been noticed.

Agronomy in Ballard County
posted 6 months ago
Travis H.
Ballard County

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Usually at this time of year, bleached leaf tips on alfalfa are a sign of "environmental stress." Really just a function of cool weather, frost and then warm days. Rarely would this be a symptom of a disease. If whole stem where wilting then more likely a disease. So the best advice is to be patient.

answered 6 months ago
Ray Smith
Jessamine County
Official Public Agronomist (Extension Agent)

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