Rare Late Season Freeze

Agronomy question asked by Travis in Ballard County 5 months ago.


Is there anything that can be done ahead of time for the upcoming frost and sub-freezing temperatures that are forecasted for May 7th?

With both 2nd year fields and newly fall / spring seeded fields in production, this seems like it will be a very detrimental event across the board with possible significant losses?

Agronomy in Ballard County
posted 5 months ago
Travis H.
Ballard County

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Travis, it is possible that these cold temps will do some damage to alfalfa, but it will depend a lot on what temp is reached and for how long. As to what can be done now, I know of nothing that can be done considering the weather forecast for the next couple of days. 

answered 5 months ago
Jimmy Henning
Fayette County
Official Public Agronomist (Extension Agent)

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